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Kazakhstan – useful tips

The political situation in Central Asia practically did not affect the conditions of entry – exit and stay of tourists in Kazakhstan. Firstly, Kazakhstan is geographically located away from the countries – centers of military operations, and secondly, Kazakhstan’s policy to this day is aimed at maintaining friendly relations with neighboring states. At this stage of preparation for the summer season, no influence on the part of the legislative or executive bodies is felt on Khan Tengri and Victory, which would negatively affect arriving tourists. However, at railway stations and airports, the work of customs services intensified. For ordinary tourists, checking the passport and visa regime is limited to checking passports and visas, and people with backpacks and a gortex may be asked to show the contents of backpacks, this action is legitimate, but without explanations, instructions and witnesses, you can not show anything.

Well, and to various barriers, barriers and other small requisitions of “dollars” treat philosophically. However, if you want to take money from you, be sure to ask for: an identity card, an order on the verification, a decree on the procedure and amount of the fee (certified by the government or the akimat), and require a receipt. And if there is nothing or some documents (receipts, etc.) are not enough, then they want to cheat you, if without presenting any documents and not issuing receipts you are still asked to pay a fee or any fee, then feel free to express a desire to talk with their boss or shift supervisor, etc., as well as ask tel. their main management and the name of the boss, usually operates with 100% success. It’s better not to give a passport to you, they can pick it up and then extort money for it. You need to have a passport, but it is better to present a photocopy.

In order to make the stay of tourists in Kazakhstan more comfortable and to avoid troubles, as well as to prevent violations of the rules of stay and the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Kazakhstan, all foreign citizens need to know the following:

1. Upon arrival at the destination, a foreign citizen or stateless person is required to register his national passports or other documents proving their identity within 3 days with the police (OViR). You can do it yourself (at railway stations and the airport there are special check-in points) or by contacting the travel company that invited you.

2. When leaving the place of residence (hotel, private house, etc.), you must have your national passport or other documents with you; identity cards.

3. In “cases of” loss or theft of a passport / foreign citizen or stateless person, “you must contact the nearest police department, which issues a certificate of loss of a document (passport). With this certificate, he turns to the Embassy or Consulate of his country with a request execution of documents for his stay and departure from Kazakhstan.

4. In the event that the police patrol service stops you to verify your identity, you must ask them to present a document proving their belonging to the police patrol service, and then only present a passport or other identification documents. No need to show the contents of your bags and pockets. We also recommend recording or remembering personal data (name, position) of the inspectors.

5. Do not respond to appeals of persons in civilian or police uniforms without the availability of relevant documents;

6. If there are suspicions of abuse of authority by the police, you should try to get their personal data (name, title and place of work) and notify your Embassy, ​​the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Central Administration of Internal Affairs of Almaty, as well as the travel company that invited you for traveling around Kazakhstan.

7. If you don’t know the local languages ​​and drag out the process of identifying your personality, try to find a translator from among those around you.

8. When visiting Muslim mosques, Orthodox churches, as well as other places of religious destination, women are recommended to cover their hair with a scarf and avoid open clothing.

9. When visiting crowded places (bazaars, bus and train stations, etc.), we recommend that you carefully monitor your wallet and valuables to prevent theft.

For violations of your rights, you can contact the following numbers:
1. The duty police department: (3272) 695712; helpline of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate: (3272) 533636, 533838, 627235
2. Office of the Migration Police of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in Almaty (3272) 638681
3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (3272) 632538, 637845

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