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Denmark is a state in Northern Europe, a senior member of the Commonwealth of Kingdom of Denmark, which also includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The southernmost of the Scandinavian countries, located in the south-west of Sweden and in the south of Norway, bordering Germany by land from the south. Denmark is washed by the Baltic and North Sea. Area – 43,098 km².

The territory of the country includes the large peninsula of Jutland and 409 islands of the Danish Archipelago, 90 of which are inhabited, among which the most famous are Zeeland, Funen, North Jutland, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm.

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, the head of state is the monarch, who exercises legislative power in conjunction with a unicameral parliament – Folketing (179 deputies). Denmark has been a member of the European Union since 1973, but is still not part of the Eurozone. Denmark is one of the founders of NATO and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The landscape of the country is low, almost the entire territory of the country is located below 100 m above sea level. The relief is flat with traces of glaciation. Sandy and moraine plains are located in the west of Jutland, in the north and east there is a hilly relief with ridges of moraines up to 173 m high and numerous lakes. Forests occupy about 10% of the territory.

A temperate maritime, fairly mild climate without sharp changes in temperature and with relatively uniform precipitation throughout the year. Winter lasts from December to March and is characterized by high humidity and long periods of relatively cold weather: January temperature is 0 ..- 7 ° C. The summer is cool, the average July temperature is +15 .. + 16 ° C.

The best time to visit the country is July-August, when it is the warmest, and there is relatively little rainfall.

From Denmark you can bring porcelain and glass, handmade silver.

Shops are open from 9.00 to 18.00 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturday. In Copenhagen, on Saturdays, many shops are open until 17.00. Specialized tourist shops, as well as shops located in resort areas, are usually open on Sunday.

Value added tax (MOMS, 25%) is included in the price of all services and goods, so the prices are quite high. Tourists from countries outside the EU can return almost all VAT paid (about 20% of the value of the goods) when leaving the country. To do this, make a purchase in the amount of at least DKK 300, present a passport and fill out a special form, which is then presented upon departure from the country. The goods must be sealed and have no signs of use, as well as have a receipt and a cash receipt.

In Denmark – the European classification of hotels (from one to five “stars”). Hotels are usually clean and tidy. The smaller the stars – the smaller the size of the rooms and bathrooms.

The beaches of Denmark are boundless; in some places, their width reaches several hundred meters. The beaches are sandy. Powerful ridges of dunes separate them from the mainland.

Despite the fact that Denmark is considered a northern state, and, it would seem, does not imply a full beach holiday due to the short and relatively hot summer, the field of beach tourism is well developed and is very popular among both the local population and guests countries.

June in Denmark is full of warm and sunny days. However, the water off the coast has not yet had time to warm up, and vacationers have to be content, mainly, with sunbathing. But in July – August, the sea often warms up to +22 degrees, and invigorating swimming in crystal clear water becomes a real pleasure.

In the 4th century the Utes and Angles arrived in Denmark, later they moved to Britain, and the Danes settled on the Jutland Peninsula. By their name, the country itself was named. The Scandinavian tribes were led by the konungs (kings, leaders).

The Scandinavians are known in history for their sea raids (Vikings). Being excellent sailors, they reached the shores of England, France, Greenland, and then America. The Danes were especially successful in raids, and if the Norwegians went to Greenland, America, settled Iceland, then the Danes preferred France and England.

In the years 1397-1523. Margarita of Denmark joined Norway, Sweden, Iceland (Kalmar Union) under Danish rule.

In the XV-XVI centuries. power belongs to Rigsrod (Royal Council). The king is elective. The clergy has great privileges.

In 1600, the monarchy was declared hereditary, it becomes absolute. The aristocracy is losing its former power, and townspeople are beginning to take on service.

In 1523, the union with Sweden was abolished. With Norway, the union lasted until 1814, and with Iceland – until 1944. In addition, for some time Denmark owned the duchy of Schleswig-Holstein.

By the end of the XVIII century. capitalist relations are beginning to penetrate the economy. In the 50s. XIX century the remnants of feudalism were eliminated, which led to the beginning of the rationalization of agriculture.

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