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How to choose fly fishing gear for successful fishing

Fly fishing tackle for beginners
Fly fishing is a very special tackle, significantly different from others. It should be selected based on the specific fishing conditions and the type of expected fish. Collect fly fishing gear from what is in stock will not work. So, for example, casting an artificial bait with this type of fishing must be done at a distance of about 30 meters. Ordinary gear is hard to do.

How to choose fly fishing gear
Fishing rod
Fishing enthusiasts see the rod as an extension of their hand. With it, the cord is thrown to the right place. The fishermen are biting fish for them.

Fly fishing rod consists of several parts:
blank (consists of 2 or 3 knees);
handle and reel seat;
rings for skipping fishing line.

Quality rods are characterized by good flexibility and resilience. Their length varies from 166 to 488 cm. For convenient transportation, collapsible fishing rods are made.

The handle is mainly made of cork material. It is cigar-shaped, similar to a fish tail, etc. The reel seat consists of 2 clamps, with which a fly reel is attached. It is located at the end of the handle, unlike other rods in which this part is located in its 1st half. This design allows you to shift the center of gravity to the very end of the rod, and the arm gets less tired during fishing.

Fly Fishing Rod

ATTENTION: To ensure smooth casting, it is worth installing 5-11 access rings. In fly fishing rods, classic rings are set – snakes or single-support rings.

All rods are divided into 10 classes depending on their length. Experienced anglers recommend purchasing a fishing rod of the 5th class, since it is universal. For beginners, it will become optimal, since such a length will make it easy to learn how to properly throw gear, it is convenient to use it on any reservoir and catch different types of fish weighing up to two kilograms. Only with time, having trained to cast such a fishing rod and having developed a skill that allows you to feel the cord, can you gradually switch from one-handed rods to two-handed ones.

With heavy two-handed rods, it is possible to defeat large fish such as salmon.

You need to choose a fishing rod seriously enough, because of all the means for fishing, they work in the most intense mode. And at the same time, you should not rely on your experience when fishing with other types of gear, since this option is radically different from others. Using float or feeder gear, you can leave them on the stand immediately after casting right up to the start of the bite. Spinning anglers usually press their elbows, starting the winding. Fly fishing is much more intense, because before casting it is necessary to play the cord, that is, to hold a certain part of it in the air, changing it. This is achieved by doing energetic swings with the rod. In one day of fishing with an overlap a person can make up to 200 casts, in an hour – up to forty.

When choosing a “fast” rod, which makes it easier to play and cast, it is worth considering that it allows you to:
lifting the cord out of the water, to avoid unnecessary gross movements with a working hand;
swinging the rod back, precisely control the position of the cord;
at a “fast” rod, keep a large cord length in the air;
use a cord of a higher class, which is desirable for beginners;
to fish in windy weather, even if the wind is directed in the face.

Modern fly fishing rods are made mainly from various mixtures of carbon fiber and graphite. If you wish, you can buy bamboo rods, which are more pleasant to handle, but they cost much more.

It should be remembered that the less the rod weighs, the easier it will be for you to manage it. So, gears made of modern materials are in a better position, since their weight is much lighter than those that were made before.

Rods with a parabolic system differ from the rest in that they are able to bend well along their entire length. They differ in the transmission speed of the signal passing through the hand to the cord and front sight – fast forms are preferred.

Reference. Modern fly fishing rods are made of carbon fiber and graphite – the materials are quite fragile, so you should buy a hard case for their transportation and storage.

For fly fishing, the cord is made from monofilament, interlaced fishing line or fibers. Such a core is coated externally with a polymer shell.

When choosing a cord, its weight, buoyancy and taper should be considered. According to these parameters, all cords are divided into 15 classes, from the lightest to the heaviest.

Depending on how well the cord floats, they are divided into sinking, floating and Intermediate, which swim shallow.

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