The culture of ancient China, unusual rituals and the century-old history of this country are known all over the world. This is exactly the state where the modern rhythm of life, the active development of industry goes side by side with millennial traditions. Respect for them and their observance is the main national feature of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom.
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What are the most famous national traditions of China? Let’s plunge together into the world of culture and customs that this country is so rich in.
Hospitality and team spirit.
The Chinese highly appreciates his guests. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that at the first meeting the owner of the house will volunteer to carry your luggage. For them, this is considered not only a manifestation of hospitality, but also a team spirit. The main feature of the local mentality is the desire for cooperation and joint work.
The Chinese also take an active part in organizing leisure activities for their guests. As a rule, the cultural program is based on getting acquainted with local attractions, visiting restaurants and entertainment.
The family traditions of China are based on the canons adopted several millennia ago. A special role in them is assigned to the older generation.
Communication with elders.
The traditional family in China treats the older members of the genus with great trepidation. Respect and reverence is considered the highest manifestation of morality. Traditionally, children honor their parents, and wives honor their husbands. Those, at the same time, must provide comfortable living conditions for their family and monitor the continuation of the genus. The birth of a boy is considered a greater joy for the Chinese than the birth of a girl. Therefore, a few centuries ago, the sons were given names that sound like “well-being”, “happiness”, and the girls were called “third superfluous” or “mistake”. Fortunately, this ancient Chinese custom is no longer relevant, and daughters are given more pleasant names here.
Tea ceremony.
The Chinese tea ceremony is not just an age-old tradition, but a real art. Tea from Chinese means “the wisest plant”, and the culture of tea drinking itself is considered the highest skill. The tea ceremony in China keeps a lot of secrets, and the taste of the drink depends on the brewing methods, water temperature, atmosphere, dishes, etc.Tea etiquette even provides for the use of one or another type of tea, depending on the time of year. For example, in summer and autumn, the Chinese prefer green tea, in spring they drink flower tea, and in winter – black.
The tea traditions of China are also a way of communication. So with the help of the ceremony, you can show respect, apologize, woo and much more.
Interesting interpretations of numbers-known to everyone as numerology – in China is considered an ancient science based on Taoist traditions. According to it, all odd numbers are masculine, and even numbers are feminine. The most unlucky number is considered to be 4 – in Chinese it sounds like “death”. And the happiest number is 8 – it is associated with prosperity, success and wealth.
Feng shui.
Feng Shui in China is a whole philosophy that has spread to all spheres of human life. With the help of this science, you can balance and organize all the pieces of furniture and decor in the house. Moreover, both the construction of the house and the choice of materials must be carried out following the rules of Feng Shui. This is necessary to open the right energy flows, attract well-being, health, love and other family and material benefits.
Martial arts in China.
The exact year of the foundation of Chinese martial arts is unknown. However, the first mention of them dates back to the III millennium BC. The main philosophy of military combat training in China denies the possibility of using skills to harm others – for the sake of bragging, betraying friends or their country. The most popular martial art in the world is wushu – and this is a kind of martial art of China.
A healthy lifestyle in China.
The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom can be safely called a nation of centenarians. One of the secrets is healthy lifestyle and following the practices of traditional medicine. Many” medicines ” the Chinese use daily in their diet are medicinal herbs, a large number of fruits and vegetables, as well as quite exotic ingredients: tinctures on the internal organs of snakes, bone meal, blood, etc.
Chinese calligraphy.
Chinese painting and calligraphy is a traditional folk art form, a real treasure of local culture. With the help of writing, not only information is transmitted, but also the aesthetic taste, emotions, and moral qualities of the master. The essential attributes of the calligraphic art are an ink stone and a stick, a brush and paper. These tools were used by both masters of antiquity and modern artists.
Friendship is for the Chinese.
The Chinese are somewhat selfish about establishing friendly ties. Already at the first meeting, they can call you their friend, hoping to get a certain benefit from acquaintance: practice a foreign language, help, making a deal, etc.And achieving the desired goal can become a real reason to immediately stop this “friendship”.
How the Chinese accept gifts.
According to Chinese etiquette, a person who is presented with a present should refuse it a couple of times for the sake of decency. Also, gifts are never opened in front of guests, and after the celebration it is customary to thank them in writing. And the most important thing is that you need to accept and hand over a gift with both hands. It symbolizes respect and reverence.