Today, more and more tea connoisseurs are thinking about what the Chinese tea ceremony is and how to properly brew Chinese tea to fully reveal its aroma and taste?
Before starting a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, it is worth preparing special tea utensils – a teapot with hot water, a teapot for brewing (chahu), a teapot for ready tea (gundaobei), cups for inhaling the aroma (wenshianbei) and for drinking tea (pingminbei), a vessel for feeding a teapot (chachuan), a tea towel and a set of tea tools, a vessel for draining used water (shuyu), a teapot, a box for getting acquainted with tea and evaluating it (chahe), a tea board (chapan). First you need to prepare a teapot for brewing (chahu), which we fill to the top with hot water and pour it on top so that it warms up from all sides.
After that, it is necessary to warm the kettle for ready-made tea, for which you need to pour hot water from the chahu into it. At the same time, you need to make sure that the spouts of the teapots are not facing the guests.
Then we fill the cups with hot water to inhale the aroma. After that, we take a teapot and use a large spoon from the tea set to type tea. At the same time, it should be taken into account that when you take out a spoon, you need to take it by the lower two – thirds-by the handle, and in no case, by the upper part.
So, we collect one second or one third of a spoonful of tea leaves and pour the tea into the chahe. Immediately after that, we take a small spoon for transferring tea from chahe to teapots, and fill the kettle to the top with hot water, pouring a little over the edge. At the same time, we remove excess water with a lid.
Such a ritual during the Chinese tea ceremony is done primarily in order to get the characteristic sound of the lid on the kettle, also, the overflowing water additionally heats the kettle from the outside.
Remember that the first brew must be drained to rinse and clean the tea. In the same way, we fill the kettle again. The tea should be brewed for about 45 seconds, then pour the tea into the kettle for ready-made tea (Gundaobei) and brew the tea again.
Then we pour the water out of the cups. We fill the cups for inhaling the aroma by a third and cover them with tea cups, then turn them over. Turning the cups over, we hold them evenly and press them tightly together.
The next step is to put tea. First you need to feel the aroma. To do this, make circular movements with a cup in a tea cup.
After that, hold the cup in your hands. Inhale its hot aroma. Also, you can move the cup so that the aroma spreads around. Only after that, try the tea, evaluate its color, take a sip and keep in mind that the cup should be drunk in three sips.
It is known that the size of Chinese cups is the same and is designed for three sips. The Chinese even have a saying – ” The first sip is for the stomach, the second sip is for the mind, the third sip is for the senses.” Now you know all the secrets of the Chinese tea ceremony. Have a nice tea party!