Panda Inn Hotel.
Opened in 2014, the Panda Inn is entirely dedicated to the main animal symbol of China – the big panda. Pictures and murals with pandas on the walls, numerous toy pandas, black and white colors in the design of the rooms – and the crown of all the hotel staff, all dressed in full-length panda costumes. It’s funny, of course , but it’s too much like shooting a low-budget horror movie or, worse, a porn movie.
“Sons of Heaven”
The Qiangji Garden Hotel, or, in translation, “Garden of the Sons of Heaven”, built in the early XXI century, entered the Guinness Book of Records because of its unusual architecture. The building is built in the form of a giant statue of the three sons of heaven, the ancient gods from Chinese legend-Fu, Lu and Shu. See the yellow ball in Shu’s hand? This is the presidential suite. The room is perfect for those who are not afraid of heights and want to experience the justice of the saying “we are all in the hands of God”.
Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort.
This 30-story building doesn’t just stretch like a horseshoe over the river. In fact, it is shaped like a wheel – or, as cynical Americans claim, a doughnut. Several underground floors go under the water. Tourists can visit them-if, of course, they do not suffer from a fear of closed spaces. If you want to settle in one of the rooms, prepare in advance-a night in the “donut” will cost at least a child’s $400.
Waterhouse at South Bund.
From the outside, the hotel, frankly speaking, is not at all impressive: most of all it looks like an abandoned warehouse building. Inside, the decoration is much more decent, but also, frankly, not out of the ordinary. But the main feature of the hotel is different: all the rooms, including the rooms, are simply stuffed with eyes, so that guests can easily spy on their neighbors, while accepting the idea that they will also be spied on. According to the designer, this is a tribute to the old Shanghai tradition of building communal houses, where the whole life of the neighbors was held in full view of each other. Voyeurs, welcome!
Eden Motel.
This hotel in Taiwan is a paradise for comic book lovers! The most chic suite is decorated in the style of the Batman room-from the bat at the head of the bed to the devices with the corresponding emblem in the bathroom. Even a bat-mobile is available here – however, you will not be able to go anywhere on it, since it is firmly embedded in the wall. Prices are above average, but feel like Batman-priceless!
Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao.
The 24-storey hotel is famous for its swimming pool. It is located on the top floor in a ledge of the building overhanging the street. And it has a transparent bottom! Swimming here, you can fully immerse yourself in the feeling of flying over the city. if, of course, you have the courage.
Water World Hotel”
Hotels on the lake will not surprise anyone, but “Water World” is a completely different matter! Built in a former quarry near Songjiang City, it has been carefully designed to blend in with nature. The harmony of greenery, rocks and the lake, on the surface of which the yachts glide, is simply incredible! According to the creators of the hotel, they wanted to make a perfectly beautiful corner of nature-and with purely Chinese care, they carried out their plan.
Mountain Retreat Inn.
The hotel is located in Guangxi Province, far from civilization, among river bends and bamboo thickets. Its concept is a rest alone with nature. Even the rooms are decorated in an eco-friendly style, mainly using bamboo furniture. The hotel, which costs a fairly modest $62 per night, is especially popular with hikers, yogis and romantic couples. Here’s just one problem: the hotel is really so far away from the civilized edges that there is no cellular connection here. So if you really want to escape from everyone, you can’t think of a better place.
Grand Hyatt Shanghai.
56 floors, 555 rooms, an abundance of light and gilding and the structure of the building, reminiscent of some fabulous maze. A person unaccustomed to wandering through the spacious corridors, which smoothly flow into one another, leading tourists to the outer or inner wall of the building, will easily feel dizzy. But the main attraction here is still a special chute for laundry going to the laundry-on it, stale sheets and tablecloths whizz from the upper floors to the basement.
Commune by the Great Wall.
This hotel consists entirely of guest houses. 42 villas and 250 rooms with a children’s club, a fitness center and a conference room can not boast of a particularly refined design, or even a green area. And yet, there is no shortage of guests here. Of course: this is the only hotel from the windows of which you can admire the Great Wall of China. With such a view, other beauties are not needed!
Four Seasons Guangzhou.
If you are afraid of heights, avoid this hotel by all means! The Four Seasons building stands in the heart of Guangzhou’s financial center, and all the neighboring buildings seem obscenely low against its background. Still: this building is not for nothing called one of the tallest hotels in the world! It has 100 floors, and the topmost rooms offer magnificent views. for those who are not afraid to look at the street below from a bird’s eye view.
HNA Platinum Mix Hotel.
This hotel in Nanchang, the capital of the Chinese province of Jiangxi, became famous because of a fatal fire in February 2017, during which 10 guests were killed and 16 were hospitalized. The investigation is still underway, but the police are inclined to two versions: either the cause of the fire was faulty electrical wiring, or arson due to commercial showdowns. Despite these preliminary, but very ominous conclusions of the police, the hotel has already completed the renovation and again invites guests. I wonder if someone will take a chance?
Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel.
This hotel is decorated in a futuristic style. Entering here, guests seem to get to the space station of the future. Robots meet them at the entrance. The polished metal surfaces are illuminated with neon light, and the rooms are decorated like the cabins of a spaceship. The staff consists mainly of robots. The hotel is adored by techno-geeks and fans of science fiction of all stripes, who feel like they are in a dream!
“City of the Dead”
Strictly speaking, this is not exactly a hotel – but if you want to rent a room here, or even a whole villa, the owners will be just happy! This town of villas on a picturesque river was built for the rich Chinese who want to live in a spacious villa next to decent neighbors. Alas, when the city was completed, it turned out that the maintenance of the villas is not affordable even for the rich, and the road to the nearest big city takes a lot of time. Luxury villas have remained unsold – and the empty city is still waiting impatiently for guests.