Japan is known for its ancient culture and traditions. But there is something in this country that you will not find anywhere else in the world.
We decided to collect the most unusual things that a tourist can encounter when going to the land of the Rising Sun. From slippers for the toilet and up to the incomprehensible procedure of dental extension.
We are going to a very strange and sometimes incomprehensible Japan.

  1. Love hotels.
    Specially for couples in love in Japan, there are themed hotels. Their number is growing every year. Guests are promised full respect for privacy and anonymity.
    It is easy to recognize such hotels. They have two rooms: for rest and for the night. Well, it is worth noting the corresponding symbols in the form of hearts.
    According to statistics, about 2% of the country’s population visits such institutions daily. They are usually located near the metro, railway stations and in industrial areas.
  2. Sleep at work.
    If you fall asleep in the workplace somewhere in Russia, there is a chance to lose it. In Japan, “napping” or as they say in slang “inemuri” while working is quite normal.
    Moreover, those who work particularly hard and perform grueling tasks are literally forced to sleep in the middle of a busy day.
    However, against the background of such indulgence, there were also those who like to abuse it. There are more and more” Sleepy aunts ” in Japan.
  3. Cafe with maids.
    Japanese people like to be served by a maid. In this regard, cafes began to appear in the cities, the waitresses of which are dressed up in such a uniform. At the same time, no hotel on the territory of the institution may not smell.
    4.Ramen noodle soup.
    And it will have to be eaten with chopsticks and a spoon. Without proper skill, there is no way. But real professionals manage to eat a liquid dish without using a spoon, wielding only chopsticks.
  4. Double teeth.
    This strange fashion for dental intervention has received the name “yaeba”. The essence of the procedure is to build up the canines of the upper teeth. They should stick out beyond the jaw.
    According to the Japanese, such a smile allows you to look like a child, and therefore, according to representatives of the strong half of humanity, to be sexier.
    The price of the question is about $400 . This is when using veneers. In particularly difficult cases, you will need to change the position of the teeth by resorting to surgical intervention.
    The main thing is to achieve results and get a “crooked” smile.
  5. Rent a half for sleeping.
    There is such a service in Japan as sleeping in pairs. There is a special demand for it among men. You pay money for a night with a beauty. You literally sleep next to each other, but the client has no right to touch the “rented second half”. Sex is excluded.
    You will have to pay extra for hugs and strokes. A minute of “hugs” will cost 700-1000 rubles.
  6. Hadaka-matsuri.
    In February, Japanese men take an active part in the hadaka-matsuri festival.
    Instead of a strict business suit, a fundosi loincloth is worn. The minimum amount of clothing is the main hobby of the festival. They pass through the whole of Japan every year.
  7. Blackening of the face.
    Fashion and Japan are scary things. One of the Japanese trends of the female population is to color the face in a dark color . The darker the foundation, the sexier and more fashionable it is.
  8. Restaurants that serve canned food.
    You come to a restaurant, open it on the menu, and there: canned mackerel, sprat in tomato sauce, sprats. All this will be served to you in a tin can directly… Do you think it’s absurd? No, Japan.
    Mr. Kanso’s canned food restaurants have been gaining popularity in Japan since 2002. The menu of the huge chain includes more than 300 types of canned food: fish, vegetables, meat.
    Before the meal, you can walk around the restaurant on your own and take the jars that intrigued you from the shelves. You pay at the checkout, get a knife and go ahead for a meal.
  9. Capsule hotels.
    The average room size in capsule hotels is 2 x 1 x 1.25 meters . The volume of such a “room” is quite enough to spend the night. They first appeared in Japan in 1979. The average cost of a room is about 1400-3000 rubles.
  10. Hashima Ghost Island.
    It is located 15 kilometers from the city of Nagasaki. Once the most populous place on the planet with a population density of 139,100 people per 1 square kilometer.
    After the interest in coal mining on the island fell, the residents began to leave the island. So the city became a ghost town. Now Hashima is considered one of the country’s attractions.
  11. Vending machines.
    Vending machines are very popular in Japan. They’re here almost every step of the way. And the range of dishes and snacks is incredibly large.
    All because the Japanese are workaholics. They don’t have time to cook at home, so the best way to avoid starvation is to have a snack on the go.
  12. Kante’s game.
    In Russian, the name of this game sounds like “enema”. The bottom line: insert your index finger into the anus of an unsuspecting random participant in the fun.
    Despite the strangeness of the game, it is very popular among children. The risk of getting a bruised finger or … (let’s not talk about sad things) does not frighten them.
  13. Toilet slippers.
    The Japanese toilet is a completely independent room from the entire apartment. To maintain hygiene and prevent the ingress of bacteria, Japanese people change their shoes when they go to the toilet. The unfortunate slippers spend their entire lives exclusively in one room.
  14. Hide your thumb in your fist.
    This tradition is somewhat similar to our “cross your fingers”. In this way, the Japanese allegedly prevent an undesirable fate for their loved ones. Hiding his thumb in his fist, the Japanese protects his parents from death.
  15. Rabbit Island.
    In the Inland Sea of Japan, there is a small island called Okunoshima. It is also called the island of rabbits. It is not difficult to guess that the number of wild furry animals there is excessively large.
    According to the story, in 1971, a group of schoolchildren released 4 pairs of rabbits on a deserted island . Over the years, they have multiplied to an incredible number.
    The island has become a tourist destination, but before the visit you will be forced to leave the cats and dogs. Their transportation is prohibited.
  16. Accepting gifts.
    The Japanese are very patient. They never open gifts in the presence of guests and the giver himself. Otherwise, they may think that you are greedy.
    When receiving a gift, the main thing is not to damage the packaging and in any case not to drop the gift.
  17. The city of gas masks.
    Mount Oyama is an active volcano on the island of Miyakejima. As it erupts, it forces residents to wear gas masks. Moreover, toxic gases are constantly coming out of the volcano’s crater. But the locals don’t like evacuations. They prefer to live in gas masks and carry them around the clock.
  18. The smallest escalator.
    Oddly enough, one of the hardest-working nations has the smallest escalator. It is located in one of the office buildings in Kawasaki. There are only five steps and the height is not more than 1.5 meters .
  19. Rabbit Cafe.
    In addition to cafes with cats, there are also special restaurants in Japan, the main owners of which are rabbits. There are dozens of them. Visitors are allowed to pet and feed them. Food, of course, will have to be bought separately in the same restaurant, but one portion of greens and carrots is included in the price.
    The entrance fee is about 6-7 thousand rubles. Non-alcoholic beverages are also included.
  20. Festival of iron phalluses.
    An annual holiday celebrated on the first Sunday of April. Appropriate symbols appear throughout the city of Kawasaki. The highlight of the program is a 2.5-meter pink phallus, which is carried to the foot of the Kanayama Temple.
    The proceeds from the festival are donated to HIV research funds.
  21. “Smart” toilets.
    Only a tourist can appreciate the comfort of Japanese toilets and toilet seats. After finishing the dirty work, you will find a whole range of water treatments. On the right hand will be a special remote control for selecting the program.
    Similar toilets are already installed in most public toilets.
  22. Cute fences.
    Places that you want to protect from cars or people, in Japan, it is customary to design cute. So the supports can be made in the form of a cartoon or anime character. To run into such a sweetness will not allow the heart.
  23. Blue traffic light signal.
    Japanese traffic lights use blue instead of green. All because of the evolution of the Japanese language. Initially, there were only four colors: black, white, red, and blue. For all other colors, a mixture of these basic colors was used.
    As a result, Japan decided to abandon the “complex” green and began to use blue.
  24. Very expensive fruit.
    Fruits that cost several thousand rubles per kilogram are, according to the Japanese, a wonderful gift. There are pears at 1500 rubles per kilo and melons at $ 125 dollars . And all because the fruit is recognized as a good present.