Sakura is a business card, a symbol of the land of the rising sun. The Japanese attach great importance to this tree. Many poets and artists still sing about sakura in their works.
During the flowering period of this beautiful tree in Japan, a real holiday comes. On such days, Japanese gardens turn into real works of art. The trees, covered with numerous white and pink flowers, delight the eyes of any passer-by. It was as if they were lost in the midst of lush clouds. These days, all Japanese people are happy about spring and beauty. The Japanese believe that the short-term flowering of this tree and its delicate flowers remind them of the fragility and variability of this world.
The history of the holiday dates back to the 7th century. At that time, the old Japanese Tang dynasty was in power. The ancient chronicles mention that the emperor himself and numerous members of his family took part in this celebration. The court ladies decorated their high hairstyles with sakura flowers. Gradually, this holiday began to be celebrated by samurai, and then by ordinary peasants. On such days, people cooked delicious national dishes, arranged poetic and musical evenings, enjoyed life and the arrival of spring.
Over time, this holiday turned into a real Japanese tradition. Now the cherry blossom was not only a symbol of spring, but also served as a signal for the beginning of rice planting. The Japanese claimed that the profusely blooming sakura indicates a large harvest of rice. There were times when sakura was deified and even brought various gifts to her.
During the reign of Tokugawa, the number of cherry orchards in Japan tripled. The emperor believed that the cherry blossom is a symbol of all samurai. He claimed that it is able to give a warrior strength and courage.
Therefore, in the 19th century, during the time of Mutsuhito, cherry orchards were destroyed. The new emperor believed that the sakura festival was a relic of the past and a symbol of feudal power.
Several hundred years have passed, and the sakura holiday is celebrated again. The Japanese love this holiday very much. Currently, it symbolizes the strength of spirit and prosperity of the people of Japan.
The flowering time of this magnificent tree cannot be determined. Depending on the climatic conditions of the area where sakura grows, it can bloom in January or May. In addition, in the spring months, the duration of flowering is longer than, for example, in January or February.
During the celebration, people take to the streets with their families to admire the white and pink trees. Some modern companies arrange small corporate parties for their employees in order to unite the team and at least get a little distracted from work.
Numerous groups of people can be seen in parks, squares and gardens. Right under the shade of the trees, they arrange small picnics for themselves. People bring various national treats and a traditional drink sake. Some people prefer to go on a picnic late at night. Sakura, illuminated by numerous lanterns, looks simply incomparable at such moments.
During the flowering period of the Japanese cherry, many tourists rush to Japan to admire this beautiful landscape.
In the Japanese capital, a special festive program is compiled during such periods. There are numerous excursions to the cherry orchards and various entertainment events and shows are organized. Themed performances are played in theaters in Tokyo, and musical compositions dedicated to this beautiful tree can be heard in conservatories. All restaurants and cafes are decorated with numerous vases with branches of cherry blossoms.