Thus, the Koran forbids the depiction of plants and animals, and although there is no direct condemnation of art, one of the hadiths says: “On the Day of Judgment, God will punish artists, creators of images, demanding from them the impossible: to revive their creations.” Therefore, painting and sculpture are absent in classical Islamic culture. But the carpets :. This type of art is so dear to the heart of every Arab that even the most zealous admirers of Islam went to the trick here – weavers, distorting and stylizing images of birds and animals, combining intense colors on their products, circumventing religious “taboos”. The apotheosis of all the literature of the world, the Arabs consider the Koran – the holy book of Islam, written in Arabic. “Haya” – modesty and restraint determine the style of oral and written speech of a Muslim. Even the ancient Bedouins highly appreciated the poetic gift, in contrast to the artistic gift – magical power was attributed to poems. There are quite bold erotic descriptions of love scenes in ancient Arabic poetry. Eastern music. This is either boredom for a European or love for life – there is no third. For Arabs in musical performance, the main thing is rhythm, a sequence of measures, and not melody. For small drums – “oud”, “duff” – they beat either from the edge, or in the center, and for the Arab in the seeming monotony of the melody the high meaning lies. In recent years, modern musicians have begun to adapt national melodies for pop singers. For example, the song “Dessert Rose” is widely known, performed by an Arab singer together with such a famous pop artist as Sting – for many months she won first places in charts, bewitching both Europe and America with the peculiarity of the Arab melody. Important: Do not drink alcohol in public places, on the streets on the beaches, in no case should you drive while intoxicated. This can result in a large fine, or even imprisonment. Drinking tap water is safe. But most hotels and restaurants serve mineral water of local spill. In stores, water is sold in a plastic package of 1.5 L at a cost of 1 Dh.
National cuisine

This khomus – a paste of peas and sesame seeds and tabbule – finely chopped mint, parsley and crushed wheat and goose – a lamb with rice and nuts, delicious warak nab and makhsha koussa – grape leaves stuffed with rice and stuffed with small zucchini (kurzhet). If you want to try the lamb meat, which is so popular in the UAE – you can safely order macbus or haris in restaurants – just in the first case, the meat will be served with spices and rice, and in the second – with specially prepared wheat. Of course, such a sea country as the United Arab Emirates offers in addition to exotic meat dishes – food prepared from seafood. Lobsters, crabs, tuna and shrimp – often served with rice and special seasonings. A traditional Arabian appetizer – shawarma (lamb or chicken meat with salad wrapped in Arabian flat bread) – is sold in tents throughout the city. In addition to exotic meat dishes, seafood deserves special attention. In some fish restaurants, all kinds of fish and other seafood are lying in ice right in the hall on the trays. It is worth pointing to something, as in ten to fifteen minutes it will be served on the table. Fresh fish and seafood from the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean are very popular among tourists: lobsters, crabs, shrimps, tuna. Seafood is served with specially seasoned rice. Local desserts are very tasty – umm ali (a type of bread pudding), esh asayaya (sweet cheese cake with cream tops), mehalabiya (pudding sprinkled with pink water and sprinkled with pistachios). And coffee!!! Coffee, the preparation of which is elevated to art. The most popular – Arabian light – it is made from barely fried grains. And it is worth trying it in some real Arabian cafe, of which there are a great many. Now about the prices. As elsewhere, they are very different. In a cafe of an inexpensive hotel, a regular lunch costs $ 8-10 and about $ 4 a glass of “home” wine or a large beer, in a five-star hotel – lunch with wine – about $ 50. In restaurants and cafes located on every corner – prices, of course, lower. If you are tired of going to numerous restaurants and cafes and want to be alone, then you can order food in your room by phone from any restaurant, not just a hotel. Delivery is always free. Now a few words about alcohol. Since the UAE is a Muslim country, alcohol is served only in bars and restaurants of hotels, with the exception of the emirate of Sharjah, where alcohol is banned everywhere. The most democratic city in this regard is Dubai. The bars offer a very fresh fruit shake or milkshake with mango. Important: Do not drink alcohol in public places, on the streets on the beaches, in no case should you drive while intoxicated. This can result in a large fine, or even imprisonment. Drinking tap water is safe.