Seychelles is one of the largest island states. Picturesque islands are scattered across the vast water territory, many of which are already equated with national and marine reserves, the world heritage. If an ordinary traveler staying in a standard hotel can only enjoy a gorgeous beach, then a Seychelles guest, who prefers yachting, has the opportunity to see a stunning picture of a unique local nature, to explore local life literally from the inside and see the untouched and remote corners of this tropical paradise.
Yachting Destinations
When planning a sea voyage, you should immediately draw up a route. Seychelles islands are divided into two large groups: internal and external. Inland for the most part are inhabited and well-equipped islands of land, on which there is everything necessary for refueling, the purchase of provisions and safe parking. Distances here are small, within 15-20 kilometers. You can move around without significant restrictions. Such a yachting will appeal to beginners and those who want to not only enjoy the expanses of water, but also to explore the land part of this beautiful country.

The outer contour of the islands is more difficult in terms of navigation. The distances between the groups of surface formations here are much greater. For example, to get to the famous archipelago, you need to overcome about 130 kilometers. If the inner islands are washed by weak currents and are closed from the winds, then the outer ones are open to strong currents, and even tangible gusts of wind. Due to the favorable location of the Seychelles, it is almost always calm, which allows you to travel without fear. For yachting on the outer islands, you should choose high-speed vessels that can reach speeds of over 60 knots, this is an official requirement.
Relief features
The bottom topography in the Seychelles promotes both yachting and diving, so even a beginner can combine these pleasures. Inland islands can be visited without the help of experienced staff. Here, even around the reef islands, there are no significant shallows, and the bottom topography is quite understandable and predictable. The situation is more complicated with the external circuit. Here, reefs are constantly growing, so there is no reliable map of shallows and hazardous areas. If during the day such zones are clearly visible due to foaming water, then at night it becomes much more difficult to navigate. When planning yachting on the outer islands, it is advisable to find a ship with a captain who knows the area and can get the ship out of the reefs.

The outer archipelagos are complex in form. Despite the open coast, the number of available bays for parking is not too large and you need to approach them, given the shallows and rocky bottom. Therefore, you must carefully plan the route in this area.
Yachting Season
Seychelles sailing will be enjoyable at any time of the year, 365 days a year. The tropical sun will invariably warm the deck, and rains, especially lingering, are rare here. A storm is also not a frequent phenomenon. Therefore, the Seychelles are perfect for independent beginner yachting.

You can fly to the Seychelles, regardless of the general tourist season. The vast territory allows you not to encounter other yachting enthusiasts. Even in the internal contour of the islands there is enough space for a comfortable trip in the peak season. Holidays in the Seychelles will surely appeal to those who seek solitude and tranquility.

However, you should not limit yourself solely to visiting islands from afar. Local territories are 60% included in the list of protected areas, since it is here that the rarest turtles, exotic birds and plants unseen in other parts of the world live. Coral islands, granite formations, all this will be interesting even to an experienced sailor.
How to go on a trip?
You can go on a standard tour to the Seychelles, but we offer you real adventures! Take a yacht, admire the clear water, listen to the sound of the wind … All this is not much more expensive than standard tours if you rent a yacht. Yacht charter in the Seychelles is very popular among tourists from various countries. This allows you to save on accommodation and see more interesting places. You can rent a yacht with a team and a cook for a big company, you can go on vacation together or as a family, or buy a cruise on a yacht. Globe sailor will help you choose the right yacht, draw up all the necessary documents and think through all the little things so that your vacation is a success.

Have a great swim!