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Today, the exchange of experience between different countries takes place in a wide variety of areas, including those that relate to the peculiarities of the culture of eating and various drinks. Some traditions that have been turned into art are becoming more and more successful every year in the Russian open spaces, for example, the Chinese tea ceremony, shrouded in legends and simply beautiful in itself. If earlier it was possible to see a luxurious and calming action only in the performance of natives of the Middle Kingdom, today the situation has changed, thanks to the appearance of local masters. You can get the necessary knowledge now without leaving the domestic expanses, since almost all cities of the country have schools that teach the secrets of the ceremony.
Any specialized school can offer its students several training options. People who want to get only general information about Chinese traditions, tea, the choice of drink and utensils for brewing it, can enroll in an entry-level course that is affordable for any interested person, but not enough to get a job in a solid institution where the ceremony is practiced. The advanced level course is able to teach a person to understand the elite varieties of tea, to select a drink for a certain visitor to a restaurant or tea house, to conduct the ritual itself at a decent level.
To guarantee a job in a good institution, you should take a top-level course that introduces you to Chadao, with the features of tea drinking for practicing and establishing a life rhythm, creating a special space, an environment for perfect communication and creative development. In most cases, the training takes place according to individual schedules, and all the necessary theoretical and practical materials are provided.
After completing advanced or higher level training, a person is able to choose the right drink to solve a particular person’s problems. So, for people who passionately want to lose weight, the master can advise purple tea “Chang-Shu”, which also has such important advantages as the ability to positively affect the quality of vision, the condition of hair and nails, slow down the aging of the body. This plant, which grows in the mountains of Tibet and Nepal, has been widely known for many centuries for its unique combination of trace elements and useful substances, and is used in comprehensive programs to combat excess weight.