In Japan, spring comes when the whole country is painted in pale pink. This is how sakura blooms.
Let’s go on a cruise to Sakura.
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Sakura is so popular in Japan that it could become a symbol of the land of the Rising Sun. Hundreds and thousands of cherry trees of different varieties are planted in the gardens and parks of the main cities of the country. And every self-respecting village considers it its duty to have its own cherry blossom alley. When the time comes, sakura blooms everywhere in Japan, moving from South to North, starting its flowering at the end of January in tropical Okinawa and ending in harsh Hokkaido at the end of May. Delicate pink petals are swirling in gardens and parks, along the banks of rivers, around Buddhist temples and samurai castles, paint the slopes of Mount Fuji and other Japanese volcanoes in their unique colors of spring.
The most common variety of Japanese sakura is Somei-Yoshino, a special variety whose flowers bloom much earlier than the leaves. At the height of flowering, clusters of flowers appear on the bare branches. And if you go into such a grove of cherry trees, you get the feeling that you get into a soft pink cloud. Apparently, this is exactly what the Japanese were trying to achieve, since the middle of the XIX century, planting sakura all over the country.
So it’s time for hanami, the time for admiring sakura. It’s time for a walk and a picnic under the most beautiful tree. And your Japanese Boss will not mind joining the corporate departure, of course, with sake, sushi, sashimi and other delicacies of Japanese cuisine. Every Japanese knows where the most beautiful views are nearby, in their area, city, as well as in the prefecture and throughout the country.
Sakura is ghostly and fleeting. The Japanese say that sakura reminds people of the fragility of everything around. Perhaps that is why, with his great love for nature and everything beautiful, it is very rare to meet sakura in the personal garden of a Japanese house. Much more often you can see a pine tree there, as a symbol of strength and longevity.
Due to the huge public interest, the National Meteorological Agency of Japan, during the cherry blossom period, in addition to the usual forecasts, tells about the beginning of the flowering and stages of the flowering of Japanese cherries in various regions of the country.
Usually, flowering begins in late January – early February in Okinawa, then moving along with spring to the north of Japan. At the beginning of April, there is a full flowering on the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku, at the end of March, sakura blooms in Tokyo, in the first decade of April – in Kyoto and Osaka, in Sakiminato and Matsuya – in mid-April. By the beginning of May, the wave of cherry blossom “reaches” the island of Hokkaido, the city of Hakodate and Sapporo.
The whole country is watching the movement of sakura to the north. On TV, after the weather forecast, they will definitely say where the sakura is already blooming in full swing, and where it will bloom from day to day.
We will also be watching Sakura together with you and our tourists who are going on cruises in Japan this spring.