How to make spicy matcha, reishi latte and pink cocoa at home.
As well as other drinks based on vegetable milk-according to recipes, Pinch, “Garden City” and Touch of Matcha.
We have already told you how the vegan Mecca Wild & Moon prepares a “golden” latte and what is dalgona-coffee, a hit from South Korea, which spread during the general self-isolation. If you want to learn how to make something else unusual for home conditions, write down recipes with pink chocolate, reishi mushrooms, “matches” of blue flowers or classic ceremonial.
Latte with matcha or turmeric like many, by the beginning of April, home delivery was launched — and in the CAO it is absolutely free. Food and branded juices are promised to be delivered in an hour, you can order it by phone. For everyone who misses their favorite drinks, we publish this simple recipe.
Boiling water-50 ml Matcha, green or blue flowers, or turmeric-1-1. 5 g Almond milk-150 ml Coconut cream-50 ml.
How to cook:

  • Pour a little boiling water into a cup, pour in a gram and a half of matcha or turmeric, stir well.
  • If using regular green matcha, mix and whisk the almond milk and coconut cream, pour into a cup with matcha. Do the same with turmeric or blue flower matcha, but without coconut cream — although this is optional.
    Spicy matcha, Touch of Matcha.
    Everything you love from the Touch of Matcha Matcha bar, from breakfast to vegan desserts, can now also be ordered with delivery. If you want to repeat the drink, it is better to prepare a special inventory — everything is serious here. You will need a sieve, a steamer for milk, a pitcher or a container for whipping, as well as a grater. There is also an alternative instruction that does not require professional devices.
    Ceremonial matcha tea-2 g Coconut milk-260 g Star anise — 5 pcs. Ground cinnamon-0.5 g Dried ginger-0.5 g Cloves-10 pcs. Grapefruit zest-1 g Honey or jerusalem artichoke syrup — 10 g.
    How to cook:
  • Grate the grapefruit zest on a grater.
    2.Mix the star anise, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and zest in a pitcher, pour in the coconut milk, and sift the matcha tea on top. Beat with a milk steamer to a temperature of 75 degrees. In the process, add honey or jerusalem artichoke syrup.
  • Strain the drink through a sieve into a cup, garnish with ground cinnamon through a pastry stencil, using a sieve.
    Pour the milk into a saucepan, add all the spices and grated zest. Heat to 85 degrees. Separately prepare the matcha: sift it through a sieve into a bowl, pour 10 ml of water at a temperature of 75-85 degrees, stir well with a whisk so that there are no lumps. Combine with spiced milk. Strain the drink through a sieve into a cup, garnish with ground cinnamon.
    Match Spicy, Touch of Matcha.
    Pink cocoa, Pinch.
    Although Pinch, led by brand chef Luigi Magny, is temporarily closed and does not work for delivery, you can drink their signature pink cocoa at home: the restaurant team shared with us the instructions.
    Pink chocolate-20 g acai berries, powder-2 g Coconut milk-150 ml.
    How to cook:
    Add all the ingredients to a saucepan and heat until the chocolate is dissolved, stirring lightly. Allow the cocoa to cool slightly, so as not to burn. Serve with a serving of cotton candy to match-or on your own.
    Reishi latte, ” Garden City»
    If you are going to order a healthy meal, including desserts and superfoods, add reishi mushrooms to the list — with them, both coffee drinks and cocoa are prepared in the Garden City network. This type of mushroom has long been used in Asian folk medicine, most often they are ground into powder and added to tea. About the properties of reishi and other mushrooms, we previously talked here, the recipe for vegan reishi latte is attached.
    Espresso-30 ml Reishi mushrooms “Garden City” – 5 g Coconut milk-220 ml Jerusalem artichoke syrup-10 ml.
    How to cook:
    Prepare a serving of espresso and warm up the coconut milk. Pour in 5 grams of reishi mushrooms, whisk with a cappuccino maker. Pour into a glass, add the previously prepared coffee and a little jerusalem artichoke syrup.