Traditional Chinese dishes are served in cafes and restaurants around the world. There is a whole list of dishes that are worth trying for everyone who wants to get acquainted with this culture. Some, such as dumplings, are familiar to many. And others, such as the Gongbao chicken, are known to few. However, in any case, reviews of the dishes of this country are only positive. Fans note the refined taste, sharpness, satiety and beautiful presentation. Everyone will be able to find something to their taste. However, it is worth understanding that you can not do without spices, especially pepper.
What is included in the list of famous dishes of China?
What does traditional Chinese cuisine include? The list is quite diverse. For example, in the first place is a Peking duck. Also worth noting are seven other options: Chinese
dumplings; Gongbao chicken; pork in sweet and sour sauce; Ma Tofu; Chinese rolls; fried noodles; wontons.
Each of these dishes can be prepared at home if necessary.
Dumplings from China.
This traditional Chinese dish is very revered in the country. For example, it is considered festive. It is traditionally present on the table before the New year. Dumplings are cooked in broth, cooked in a frying pan.
In fact, such dumplings differ little from the usual ones in our country. They consist of finely chopped meat, minced chicken. Sometimes they use chopped fish, shrimps. All this is wrapped in a thin and elastic dough.
By the way, wontons, which also belong to traditional Chinese dishes, are also dumplings. Although many refer to them as manta rays. They can be closed or with an open top. The filling, in addition to meat, usually includes mushrooms, seafood, vegetables. And some people like to make sweet variations of the dish. They are steamed, but sometimes fried.
Gongbao Chicken: recipe and description.
This dish belongs to the traditional Chinese. However, the reviews of those who have already tried it say that it is very sharp. Not everyone will like it. But pepper lovers are willing to cook it at home. A simple recipe will help with this. For cooking, you need to take:
two chicken fillets; a tablespoon of soy sauce; the same amount of sugar; a similar amount of sesame oil; three cloves of garlic; a teaspoon of ground hot pepper; a little oil for frying; six small pods of hot pepper; a bunch of green onions (only the white part is used).
To begin with, the chicken is marinated. To do this, the fillet is cut into pieces, seasoned with soy sauce, butter and granulated sugar. Mix the pieces so that they are completely covered with the dressing. Cover the container with chicken and send it to the refrigerator overnight.
How to fry chicken?
When the chicken fillet is marinated, send it to a hot frying pan with vegetable oil. It is better to fry in batches, until ready. Then everything is removed from the pan. Red pepper is finely chopped, the white part of the onion is cut into rings, garlic is cut finely. First, fry the garlic pieces, then add the onion and pepper. Here they also put hot ground pepper. Fry for a couple of minutes. Then put the chicken and fry together for about five minutes. Where can I try traditional national dishes of Chinese cuisine? Food markets are particularly good in this regard. It is here that food is prepared in front of visitors. And thanks to the abundance of spices, it is difficult to get poisoned. Although, of course, there are Chinese dishes in the cafe, but many of them are converted to tourists.
Ma On Tofu.
This dish is considered a traditional Sichuan dish. It is a mixture of tofu, hot spices and minced meat. According to legend, it was invented by an elderly widow whose face was covered with smallpox scars. Therefore, the name of this dish is translated as “soy cottage cheese from the pockmarked grandmother”.
According to the same legend, the widow after the death of her husband lived poorly, making ends meet. However, her friends periodically brought her meat and tofu. As a result, the widow was able to create a cheap and nutritious dish. The story ended happily. The woman got rich, and all thanks to the recipe. According to the reviews of those who have tried this dish, it is best to combine it with simple rice. This compensates for the sharpness and piquancy of the Tofu Ma.
Pork in sweet and sour sauce.
To prepare this dish of national Chinese cuisine, you need to take:
500 grams of meat; one yolk; two bell peppers, preferably of different colors; a couple of rings of canned pineapple; two tablespoons of vinegar; the same amount of ketchup; half a small onion; salt and pepper; vegetable oil for frying; starch – a tablespoon; the same amount of sugar; two tablespoons of soy sauce.
To begin with, the meat is lightly beaten, and then cut into pieces. Marinate in a spoonful of soy sauce, egg yolk, a tablespoon of starch. Stir and leave for an hour. Then heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the meat until tender. Put it away on paper napkins to make the oil glass.
Then peel and cut into large cubes of pepper, onion in thin half-rings and pineapple in small pieces. In vegetable oil, first fry the onion, then put the pepper and pineapple. Pour the rest of the soy sauce, ketchup, sugar. Everything is thoroughly mixed and fried. Then add the meat, heat it again.
Fried noodles.
According to reviews of fans of Chinese cuisine, fried noodles are very popular. For cooking, take directly noodles, any vegetables. Chicken meat is also sometimes added.
The noodles for this dish are boiled and allowed to drain. Vegetables, meat are cut into pieces and fried in vegetable oil. It is also common to add soy sauce instead of salt. Add the finished noodles and fry.
You can also add an egg. To do this, all the ingredients from the pan are shifted to one corner, break the egg. When it is slightly set, it is mixed with the rest of the ingredients. The cooking time varies, as someone likes crispy noodles.
Chinese rolls.
This dish is a kind of rolls. The filling can be meat, sweet or spicy. First they are stuffed, and then fried. The chip is a crust, crisp and crumbly. Rolls are popular in many provinces of China.
The basis for the roll is pancakes. They are made from flour, salt and water. Fried on both sides, they form an elastic base for another traditional dish from China. How do the Chinese feel about food?
Chinese cuisine: features of etiquette.
It’s no secret that China has a special attitude to food. For them, food is a gift from heaven, so quick snacks are not for Chinese residents. It is also believed that the meal should be long, thoughtful. Talk at the table t should only be about food, without being distracted by extraneous topics.
Due to the fact that when eating food, chopsticks are used, according to etiquette, all the ingredients are cut quite finely. This is also due to the fact that in the etiquette of China, it is simply not customary to use a knife at the dinner table.
Traditional Chinese dishes are a mixture of spices. Here you can find both spicy dishes that need to be eaten with rice or washed down with water, and dishes with sweet flavors.