9 original places for a wedding walk.

original places for a wedding walk.

When it comes to walking the newlyweds, first of all remember about the palaces, squares and fountains. Don’t you think they’ve had enough?”
When planning a wedding walk, why not include non-standard places in the route, for example, an abandoned factory or a bowling club? And it is not necessary to knock out a strike, it is enough to take a few bright pictures.
Where can you go together or with wedding guests?

  • Hippodrome. Touching photos will adorn your family album, and the visit to the racetrack itself will leave an indelible impression. Horses are extremely kind and cute animals.
  • Football stadium. Goal or draw? In a good family, there are no losers – only winners! Guests can be registered as cheerleaders-let them come up with slogans and dance.
  • Ice rink. If the bride and groom are skilled skaters, why not show off their skills to others and guests? And the photographer will perfectly do his part, shooting such interesting and rare shots.
  • Amusement park. So that no one gets bored, you do not need to come up with a lot of games and contests – go to the park. If you want, you can ride on the Ferris wheel or pretend to be a prince on the white horse of the carousel.
  • Depots and railway tracks. Family life is the beginning of a new path. This banality gets a new reading on tram or railway tracks.
  • Gun shop or shooting range. Back to back, crossbows in hand-who can boast of such pictures?
  • Roofs of buildings. Romance, literally sublime feelings and a touch of fear-about this set awaits you if you decide to organize a wedding walk on the roof of a skyscraper.
  • Airfield. With enough imagination, the photographer can get unusual pictures. And guests will also want to click a couple of frames, because it is not every day that you can visit this romantic place-the aero club.
  • Boxing ring. This is a place for thrill seekers. But you can be proud of the rare and exclusive photos in your photo album.
    The pleasure of visiting such unusual places will be shared by all participants of the wedding walk!